OITB Pathway

from science to health service - find your Pathway

Our mission

get the elephant out of the room

We would like to support of valid technologies

The Safe-NMT project has been implemented based on EU support to developers during their way from idea to market

We are offering services to support this developer pathway as well as we offer a platform for quality based supportive services by third parties.

The Open platform for innovation support is divided into the supporting the developers in getting the understanding of needs, getting in touch to specific services and helping to translate the concepts, wording and offering a second opinions.

We also offer a platform to register service offers by experts and expert organizations specified on specific steps.

Let us support you

Get support around the different steps within your development until your are implemented in the health care market.

starting with an idea, a small plant which has to be taken care off.

Continue to the real-world product which can be prescribed.


OITB Pathway is the sustainable action by the project Safe-N-Medtech (safenmt.com) supported by the European Union.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 814607 

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